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CBC owned gaming websites

TheCryptoCasino.com - 777CoinSlots.com - 777CryptoSlots.com CryptoKeno.com - DailyCryptoLottery.com - ElCasinoCripto.com ElCasinoCrypto.com - ElCriptoCasino.com - ElCryptoCasino.com KriptoKasino.com - MacauDuchang.com - PlayCryptoCraps.com PlayCryptoPoker.com - TheCryptoCasino.net - TheCryptoWheel.com - TheDogeCasino.com - TheDogecoinCasino.com - криптоказино.com

Use CBC on all our websites

As we grow our network and increase our services, CBC will be used for all our websites immediately.


A source of

CBC has 3 news websites to share information and create dialogue with the crypto community

World News Crypto

Worldnewscrypto.com is our page for news around the world related to crypto

Blockchain Daily Report

BlockchainDailyReport.com shares news and updates among the crypto community

¡Cripto Alarma!

CriptoAlarma.com es nuestro sitio de noticias en Español

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Financial websites with room to

Crypto and financial services belong together. As CBC grows, we want to help bridge the gap and make crypto mainstream, where it belongs.


SellYourCrypto.com will be the website of the CBC network to facilitate crypto exchange transactions


CBC owns 4 websites that we hope will grow to provide financial services all over the world: MyCryptoBank.com, ElBancodeCripto.com, TheDogeBank.com, and Криптобанк.com

Credit Cards

As CBC and its services expand, we hope to provide a credit card that is supported by our websites and token, at MyCryptoCreditCard.com

Other websites we own

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    Faucet sites

    GetCryptoFree.com and FreeCryptoSites.com are under our network

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    Our Anti-Scam group

    Join our Anti-Scam group and help try to raise awareness about scammers - https://www.facebook.com/groups/StopCryptoScams/